Nagoya, Japan ‘81-‘82

Nagoya International School… yup, i still had to go to school while living in Japan. I couldn’t slack off and ride my bike all day long exploring. Immersed smack dab in the middle of a different culture… and going to an international school with kids from around the world. This was most likely a character molding moment in my life.

Wings of Wor (Gynoug) review for the Genesis/Mega Drive

Wow, almost forgot about this site dedicated to shooters. One of 2 reviews i’ve done… ever, is on this site.

Some bonus facts about Wings of Wor (Gynoug); same people that go on to make Cho Aniki. Which explains a lot about the graphical design of enemies in this game. Also awesome Boris cover art for the US release… one of the few times the US cover is vastly superior to the Japanese cover.

My auntie’s pups

Shield practice

Shield practice

Touring the Roatan mangrove tunnels, ‘93

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Spaced Jam mix by Osymyso

Arizona monsoon

Arizona monsoon

Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour, ‘81